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Creating Custom DVD Video Slideshows for any occasion. Photo Scanning/Video Editing/Photo Editing & Restoration.

Capture Memories in Motion utilizes professional multi-media software to create one-of-a-kind slideshows with various backgrounds, video effects, and an endless option for special effects and dynamic transitions. Your show will be customized to your music choice and the music can be edited to fit the length of the show or segment of the show. We do not utilize drag and drop software.

Each slide show is uniquely designed to include photos, video and audio clips. You might decide to add your own voice-over to make the production personal. Or, choose to include other mementos such as a child's art work, memorabilia, etc. (anything that can be scanned can be utilized in your slide show).

Slideshows for Any Occasion

Preserve Your Precious Memories

Anniversary's:  Celebrate the years spent together with a wonderful "trip down memory lane." Provide your spouse or your mom and dad with a special surprise for that perfect anniversary gift.

Graduations:  Make the event one to remember by showcasing the graduate through the years. Include a special segment for the graduate to dedicate a chapter of the DVD to friends or "high school years only" that they will always cherish.

Sports:  Showcase the season with a creation that can include video special effects, video footage and photos to help your sports enthusiast remember their season. Create copies to provide to the team or upload to sharing sites for the team to view.

Weddings:  Create a lasting memory of the beautiful day. Include pictures of the bride and groom from childhood through engagement and play for entertainment at the rehearsal dinner and/or reception. Create lasting memories by having your precious wedding photos turned into a multimedia production.

Memorials:  Create a slideshow to play at memorial services, visitations, or gatherings to celebrate the life of a loved one and provide a keepsake for many generations.

Holiday Greetings:  Create a slideshow of "your family's" year and send to relatives that might be far away. Send Grandpa and Grandma a masterpiece they will cherish. Tired of sending out photo greeting cards? Send a short DVD show to family and friends to showcase events of the year. Don't stress over what to include in your holiday letter - let the photos, music, backgrounds, and captions do the work for you.

Mother's Day/Father's Day:  Give the gift mom or dad will truly appreciate. Include your personal messages, and/or your own audio.

Professional Custom DVD Slideshows

Capture Memories In Motion Inc. specializes in turning your memorable photos, videos, and music into an artistic slideshow creation that you will cherish and pass on from generation to generation. The possibilities for an original slideshow to celebrate your special events are endless.

Through your DVD slideshow, the integrity of your memories are preserved for you and your loved ones to enjoy for a lifetime.


All packages include the following:

•   One original photo slideshow on DVD

•   Basic photo enhancements

•   Image transitions

•   Unlimited Captions

•   Customized movement (pan and zoom effect)

•   Custom DVD Menu

•   Personalized printed cover and DVD

*** The above prices do not include scanning services, the prices are only for digital photos. If you need scanning services, the price is $.60 per scanned photo or other material. You can find more information under the "Additional Options" links on this page.





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