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Song Suggestions


Choose Your Photos:  The best photos to include in a DVD slideshow are horizontally-oriented, in focus, clean of fingerprints and smudges and physically intact (for scanning).  Try to avoid photos which are blurry and photos with the subjects oriented near the top or sides of the picture.  The subjects of the photos should be centered as much as possible.  Avoid photos where the subject’s  heads have been "cut off" or parts of their bodies are off-camera (unless this fits the theme or the emotion you want to capture).  If you want to use a specific photo and it is not the quality as noted above, I can try to enhance the photo , but keep in mind that it might affect the overall effect of the particular slide.  I do realize that sometimes the "old" photos we want to capture are "less than desirable", but you might still want to use the photo.  If restoration or more than minor enhancements are required, I will provide you a quote for this service.

Arrange and Count Your Photos: If you have print photos and wish them to be presented in a specific order in the slideshow, number them by placing a "sticky note" on the back of each photo.  Please do not write on the photos in pen or ink or place a "sticky note" on the front of the photos.  It works great to break it down into sections of about 25-35 photos per average song (10-12 photos per minute of music). Obtain a total count (plus total video and/or digital photos) and decide on the package desired.  If you are providing digital photos, save them with a filename that will sort them in the order to be displayed.

Assemble Other Media:  Gather digital images, video clips, music selections, etc. and decide on your theme.

Choose Your Music:  If you wish to use your own CDs, select the music you want.  However, you must own an original copy of your music selection.  Submit the original CD, along with your photographs (all materials you supply will be returned to you with your order).  Capture Memories In Motion cannot accept downloaded or home-burned CD copies of music.  If you don't own the music on an original CD, Capture Memories In Motion will purchase a legal copy on line.  Please indicate the song title and artist.  If you need any assistance, please contact me.

Verify Your DVD Player:  Look at the back of your DVD player to obtain the brand and model number.  Then go to and locate the Search Player field.  Enter your DVD player information and click Search.  Locate your DVD Player's information.  The compatible DVD media types are listed (DVD+R, DVD-R, or both).  If your DVD player is NOT compatible with DVD+R media, please request DVD-R media for your order.  If you need assistance, contact me.  Most DVD players made after 1996 should be compatible with either type of media, but please check to be sure.  Also, I typically format all DVD slideshows in “widescreen” format.  If you will be playing the DVD on a “standard” television, please let me know and I will format your slideshow video to fit that format.

Contact Me: Print out and complete the order form (download here).  Send the order form back to me via e-mail and I will contact you with the final quote and go over any questions, concerns, special requests, etc.  If you are located in the Metro area, local drop off or pick up of materials can be arranged.  If you are outside the Metro area, I will provide mailing/shipping details once the order is established. 

Your music choices will add so much to your custom show. I have provided a list of song suggestions for special occasions that will provide you some ideas when selecting your music. The song suggestion list (download here) is a reference that places the songs and the artist in suggested categories.

Ideas to keep in mind when making your music selection: Select music that is appropriate for the slideshow - not necessarily your favorites. The music will set the mood for your production.

Music Genre
What kind of music does the person or couple enjoy? If you are not sure, check out their music collection or ask a close family member or friend.

Favorite Song
If the subject has a favorite song (or several), try to work it into the slideshow.

Is there a song that expresses your feelings for the subject of the show?

Our Song
Every couple has a song that they consider "their song". If the couple is married, it might typically be the song played for their "first dance."

Top Hits
What songs were hits when the subject was born or growing up? These are great for a birthday or life story video show. Interested in the number one song on a particular date, click here:

Songs by Decade

Looking for top hits by decade? Listen and review 100 top hits for each decade by clicking here:

Check out the top #40 hits by week click here:

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